Conspiracy Show Podcast - December 17th

Dec 19, 2017

By Valerie Massie

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Richard welcomes an investigator into the supernatural who has connected the elite to Luciferianism, WIKILEAKS emails involving how occultists in DC intend to use the Chaos they are engineering to bring about 1) a new world order; and 2) the king of that order—Antichrist.

GUEST: TOM HORN Long time television and radio personality, author and publisher, Thomas Horn, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SkyWatchTV and Defender Publishing.

His newest work SABOTEURS is the most critical and groundbreaking to date. From his earliest opus on secret societies and the occult to this new unnerving chronicle, Dr. Horn returns to Washington, DC to expose a harrowing plot by Deep State Alister Crowley and Masonic devotees that hold an almost unbelievable secret they do not want you to understand: American society is being manipulated through a Washington-based Shadow Government in quest of that Final World Order prophesied in the books of Daniel, Revelation, and on the Great Seal of the United States. SkyWatchTV is the consummation and new “mothership” of Tom’s several subsidiaries includingDefender Films and Defender Publishing.

Full-Case of SABOTEURS .

Richard welcomes an expert in Religious Studies who has published a scholarly work in demonology on the infestation, oppression, and possession of evil spirits concerning demonic activities. Are the global elite possessed and under the control of a Luciferian cult desperately trying to install the Reign of the Antichrist?

GUEST: MICHAEL FREZE S.F.O. is the author of “They Bore The Wounds Of Christ: The Mystery Of The Sacred Stigmata” (Our Sunday Visitor, 1988). His various national television shows include “The Phil Donahue Show,” “The Leeza Show,” “The History Channel,” and numerous appearances on “Mother Angelica Live!”(EWTN Network). “They Bore The Wounds Of Christ: The Mystery Of The Sacred Stigmata” was a best-seller for Our Sunday Visitor and has received many nationally-acclaimed positive critical reviews.

The Complete Guide To Demonology & The Spirits of Darkness available via Amazon.

DEMONOLOGY THE DEVIL AND THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS Evil Spirits: Spiritual Warfare by Michael Freze available via CreateSpace.

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