UFOs, Strange Beings, and Parallel Worlds

Nov 22, 2020

By Zoomer Podcast Network

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Richard and special guest co-host Victor Viggiani welcome an author and “contactee” who shares updates on ufology and his anomalous experiences, including a strange occurrence of visitors that bypassed his home alarm system and seemingly placed an ‘alien’ implant in his ear, which in recent years, he credits with providing him with information and inspiration. 

GUEST:  Whitley Strieber is widely known for his bestselling account of his own close encounter, Communion: A True Story, and has produced a television special based on Confirmation for NBC. He is also the author of the vampire novels The Hunger, The Last Vampire, and Lilith’s Dream, and is the host of his the popular podcast, Dreamland. His website — the world’s most popular site featuring topics at the edge of science and culture — is www.unknowncountry.com.




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