The Conspiracy Show Podcast - December 18th

Dec 21, 2016

By Valerie Massie

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Richard welcomes a documentary film maker who has devoted attention to the stories orthodox science rejects but requires more study. They will discuss our untold fortean history, tales of Bigfoot and suppressed evidence of cryptozoology wonders, connected to interdimensional orbs and outer space aliens who had a hand in genetically engineering us! Hear how everything is connected and the startling conclusions drawn after years of extensive research. “I think we are property” – As the legendary Charles Fort has said.

Richard welcomes back one of our most popular guests on the program. Who has been able to document crimes against TI’s by a nefarious deep state shadow government. Non-Lethal weapons tested out on civilians, organized gang stalking and online cyber harassment, invisible EMF blasts on unsuspecting victims. Are new exotic forms of population control, such as sound cannons being tried on Targeted Individuals to ensure compliance with New World Order decrees? Hear a TI speak for himself of what he has witnessed of a sinister black ops program aimed at the general population, with a hidden agenda.

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