This Week on The Conspiracy Show - February 3rd

Jan 31, 2013

By Richard Syrett

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This week onThe Conspiracy Show Richard welcomes documentary filmmaker Kevin Booth to discuss the topics of his new film, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny. The film explores claims that cannabis oil can be used as a preventative and a cure for diseases, with zero psychoactive side effects (something the Government and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about). American Drug War 2 also examines the over-medicating of children, and the court ordered mind altering drugs used on foster children. Kevin will reveal how as a foster parent he was forced to give prescribed drugs to his foster daughter or otherwise be de-certified for not following court orders. And he’ll reveal how he traveled Juarez, Mexico with bodyguards, where he visited the most dangerous areas and interviewed cartels and family members of murdered victims. There have been 50,000 murders along the border and it continues to rise. He’ll lay out a case arguing that the American Drug War must end in order to stop the violence. And, he’ll reveal how the profits of Mexican cartels selling marijuana into California have been drastically diminished due to California’s open-minded marijuana laws.


Guest: Kevin Booth is an American film and video director, producer, and musician. He is best known for his work with comedian Bill Hicks, who was the subject of his book Agent of Evolution, published by Harper Collins UK. Hicks and Booth knew each other since their time together at Stratford High School. Booth founded Sacred Cow Productions in 1986, and has since explored such controversial subjects as the Waco Siege and the New World Order. The company’s most notable release is American Drug War: The Last White Hope, which explores the failings of America’s War on Drugs. The company’s most recent film is “How Weed Won the West”, which was released in 2010. At age six while living in Los Angeles, Booth started his first band Freak Out ‘N’ Four. He was heavily influenced by his older brother Curt who suffered from schizophrenia. Booth’s family moved to Houston in the early 1970s during Houston’s economic boom. In 1975, he met Bill Hicks and Dwight Slade at Stratford High School. The trio formed Stress, an early punk rock band. After high school, Booth started Year Zero, with classmates Brent Ballard and Robert Reilly. Booth started out in the music business in the late 80s, when his band

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