This Week on The Conspiracy Show - September 16th

Sep 11, 2012

By Richard Syrett

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This week onThe Conspiracy Show Richard welcomes an expert on globalization to explain how the World Federalist Movement is looking for a crisis to help create global government, and how war, or the fear of war, is necessary to bring it about.

Guest: Carl Teichrib is Chief Editor at Forcing Change. Carl is an expert on globalization and its many sub-topics. He has been an accredited observer and/or participant in a variety of international events, including the United Nations Millennium Forum, the UN Third World Urban Forum, Global Governance 2002, and other major global conferences.



Richard invites callers to share their encounters with the paranormal.  UFO sightings, poltergeist activity, strange creatures, Old Hag Syndrome, prescient dreams, bizarre coincidences, disappearing and reappearing objects.  Call in and share  your Spine Tingling Tales.



Richard welcomes a veteran intelligence analyst to discuss a possible war with Iran and whether or not Iran is close to acquiring the capability of developing nuclear weapons. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that Iran was just six to seven months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb, adding urgency to his demand that President Barack Obama set a clear “red line” for Tehran.  However the November 2011 IAEA report stated Iran does not have an active nuclear weapons program.

Guest:  Jeffrey Steinberg is director of counter-intelligence with Executive Intelligence Review and Co-Author of Dope Inc. Britain’s Opium War Against the World. EIR is a weekly newsmagazine founded in 1974.

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