Sep 21, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Call it human rights vs condo rights. Residents of a Mississauga condo are at the heart of a complicated cannabis issue. A woman with a serious allergy to pot is looking for a compromise with residents who have a medical marijuana license. The issue has put individual rights at the centre of a discussion that’s likely to take place at condo buildings everywhere in advance of next month when marijuana becomes legal. Adele Schroder has to carry epipen with her always because she’s severely allergic to pot. It came to light 20 years ago while at University attending a party where others were smoking pot her tongue swelled up and her lips were tingly. To prevent any future attacks, she runs 2 air purifiers, puts damp towels under her door and NEVER uses her balcony. In the spring, her condo board tried to ban smoking but residents shot it down. The condo board president says there’s a duty to accommodate both sides as this becomes a human rights issue. Libby speaks Toronto condo lawyer Denise Lash.

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