Dec 09, 2022

By Jane Brown

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Toronto’s mayor says he will use his new powers in a limited and responsible way.

John Tory made the comments after the majority PCs at Queen’s Park passed into law the so-called “strong mayor powers” that Premier Doug Ford has given to the mayors of Ottawa and Toronto.

“I will continue to collaborate with the councillors,” Mayor Tory explained to reporters on Thursday, “I will continue to try and get the best out of all of us to produce the best solutions and I’ll be putting some forward for consideration at this meeting so that we can get on with the job of building houses and spend less time debating things that are not going to move the city forward.”

Meantime, former Toronto mayor David Crombie says what Premier Doug Ford said the other day about new development money coming into Mississauga is false.

While calling out Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie for “whining and complaining” about the new housing legislation, Ford said Mississauga is getting lots of funding around new developments.

“Mississauga’s increased their fees on new home buyers by nearly 30 percent in the last two years alone,” Ford insisted, “In fact, Mississauga adds $126,000 to the price of every single home.”

But David Crombie told Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with guest host Jane Brown, this is not true.

“No, it’s not. First of all the development charge that he’s talking about is far more complicated than the formula that he lets on. Everything about what Ford is doing always sounds simple until you get behind it and you’ll find it’s a lot more complicated than what he’s saying,” Crombie explained as part of Fight Back’s Tune into the Town panel.

And Crombie, who is no relation to Mississauga’s mayor, had further criticism of the premier.

“He uses the same tone when he says I have to raid and unravel the Greenbelt. He lies about that. He says I’m not going to touch it and then touches it,” Crombie went on to say.

A recent Angus Reid survey suggests most Ontario voters are staunchly against Ford’s plan to use some protected Greenbelt lands for housing development.

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