Sep 27, 2021

By Bob Komsic

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Saying her heart’s just not in it, Annamie Paul announced she’s resigning as leader of the Green Party.
”I just asked myself whether this is something I wanted to continue, whether I was willing to put up with the attacks I knew would be coming, whether to continue to fight and struggle just to fulfil my democratically elected role as leader,” Paul said.
”I just don’t have the heart for it.
She added she cannot bear to go through a leadership review, which was formally launched on the weekend by members anxious to replace her.
Paul said it’s been the ”worst period in my life, in many respects.”
As for her critics …
”You may take small comfort in this for a moment, but please know that there are many more people like me than there are you, and you will not succeed in the end.”
The party’s portion of the popular vote fell from 6.5% in the 2019 election to 2.3% in the recent election.
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