Songs for Dad this Fathers Day

Jun 18, 2020

By Gene Stevens

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OK – are you ready for some ‘Dad Jokes’ ?  ‘Dad, did you get a haircut?, No, I got them all cut.’  A classic that many dads have used – and got the big eye-roll for it.  ‘Why couldn’t the bike stand up by itself?’ It was two tired.’  Alright, one more for the music fans: ‘What concert costs just 45 cents?’ 50 Cent, featuring Nickelback.’  I gotta admit I hadn’t heard that one before – but I like it.  My thanks for Country Living for the ‘pun-ny stuff’.  Like many dads, I used to delight my kids with such jokes, till the teenage years – when they DO NOT LAUGH !  But then, as they get older – they start tossing them back at you – and we all fall down laughing.

Good memories of dad are on the ‘music playlist’ for this Sunday’s ‘Father’s Day Edition‘ of ‘Vintage Favourites‘ – including a bunch from ‘The Fabulous Fifties – and Beyond’. So, I hope you’ll tune in right at the start of the show at 2pm. And stay for songs by Elvis and the Everlies, Bobby Darin and Bobby Goldsboro, Dan Hill and Dan Fogelberg, John Lennon, John McDermott, and Johnny Cash as well.  Some of the songs will make you smile, others will bring a tear to your eye … poignant, powerful, and precious – these memories.

A couple more that I remember making up during one afternoon driving with my daughters, and talking about pirates. Remember ‘pirate jokes’?  Who’s a pirate’s favourite football team? ‘The Aahrrrgoes’.  Who’s a pirate’s favourite singer: ‘Aahrrreetha Franklin’   OK – the eyes are rolling … I’m done.  Join me Sunday at 2 for ‘Vintage Favourites – Fathers Day Edition’.

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