Radio Turns 100 Years Old This Year!

Jun 11, 2020

By Gene Stevens

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“Radio is my life” … most of us in the business have said that – and more than once. It’s a mantra we live by – and yes, it keeps us going, especially when the going gets tough. This week’s special edition of ‘Vintage Favourites’ will feel very personal for anyone who ever spun a record at a house-party, or at a club, ever dreamed of becoming a ‘DJ’, and of course for those lucky few who got to live their dream – and I include myself.

Radio turns 100 years old this year … that claim is based on the earliest documented radio program aired May 20th, 1920 by Montreal radio station XWA. There were many earlier ‘radio moments’ and of course many more in the years that followed. I’m going to briefly re-cap the key highlight events that led to the 1920 breakthrough, and those that subsequently shaped the modern medium we have today. I’ll tell you about the key pioneers who took us from ‘the make-believe ballroom’ to the birth of rock’n’roll and through the major milestones since.

You’ll hear songs about radio, and by some of the radio ‘greats’ … including ‘The Big Bopper’ and our own Robbie Lane; from the ‘Bandstand Boogie’ to ‘the last DJ’. This is a show for the real radio fan, and I sure hope you’ll join me for ‘Radio’s 100th’ on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’, this Sunday (June 14th) at 2pm.

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