Hi Friends!

Sep 18, 2009

By Gene Stevens

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Hi friends; been awhile since my first efforts at blogging, and since it’s not second-nature to me yet, I feel like I have to set aside a whole lotta time to do it. Time – hmmm, never enough of it. So, it’s Friday, looking forward to a great weekend – I’ll be helping move one of my daughters into her first apartment (sniff), while checking out one more movie at TIFF. I’m a big film fan, so I try to set aside some time for that too (“time” – again). I caught a very good TIFFilm last weekend caleld “An Education” with Peter Saarsgard and Alfred Molina, and an actress with Oscar-buzz Carey Mulligan. Great flick – I’m sure it’ll be released soon – check it out. I also liked “The Wild Hunt” – about a bunch of revivalists who love acting out medieval times in a weekend campground – until things go wrong; reminded me of a grown-up version of ‘Lord of the Flies’. So what’s happening at the station this weekend ? I’ve got a 2-hour Ray Charles special on “Vintage Favourites” Sunday at 2pm. Brother Ray’s birthday would’ve been Sept.23. If you like soul music – catch this. So, did you like the ‘Zoomer Top 50 Beatles Songs – As Voted By You’ last Saturday ? If you’re wondering how the final list looks, check it out on our web-site. ‘Day in the Life’ was #1 – worthy champ, I thought; one-third of all voters picked it as one of their 4 faves. If you listen weekday aftrenoons, you know Norm Edwards has been away for a couple weeks – you know, it’s a privacy issue, so I can’t blog about it, but he’ll be back Monday at 2pm. and will probably reveal stuff. Gotta say thanks to Robbie Lane for doing a great job filling in for Norm. If it’s been awhile since you went to Chick’n Deli on Mt.Pleasant south of Eglinton – you might wanna check out Robbie and his band Sunday afternoon at 5pm. – I went there a few weeks back and loved it; hadn’t been there for years. OK – ’nuff for now, eh ? Check back soon – now that I have the hang of this ‘blogging’ thing.

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