I Fall In Love Again

Apr 13, 2010

By Ziggy

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I was reluctant to start a Facebook page thinking that all that connecting with people from my past might be daunting. I already have a full time job so that social media seemed to be another one.

I was pleasantly surprised that I loved reuniting with people past and just last week, a crazy thing happened that I would like to share with you.

In the 80’s, when I was a VJ at MuchMusic, I met a jockey named Ron Taylor. He was also a psychic and we had some photos taken together. And here we are many years later and Ron sends the self same photos and I can assure you that they were laugh out loud funny. The hair! The clothes I sported! But he also sent me a photo of a horse who went by the name of Stardust Ziggy with a message that my namesake was running in the 7th race at Woodbine on Sunday.

Now I don’t hang at the track and I’m a bit afraid of horses having been bit by a mare when I was a little girl. (Not to the mention the countless nasty geese that pursued me at my friend’s farm out in Orangeville). And if you’re wondering, I did get out to the track and I did place a bet.

Stardust Ziggy the horse, was an odd looking thing—small, with a tail that had been dipped in L’Oreal Ice Blonde hair dye. She/He was also a long shot. Stardust Ziggy was running dead last while I sighed and starting drawing doodles on my racing form. When I looked back to the track I noticed that Ziggy had turned the corner, seeming to wink at everybody and then passed all the horses by. She ran to the finish line a winner!

Can I tell you how thrilling this was? How I wanted to race over to the Winners Circle with my pockets stuffed with money? Not only this but I am here to tell you that it is very, very possible to FALL IN LOVE WITH A HORSE.

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