I'm A Product Of 1970's Advertising

Apr 04, 2017

By Ziggy

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Often on Stardust, I’m drawn to the music of the 1970’s. It’s when I budded into a teenager and everything seemed so remarkable and so glamorous.  Especially washing your hair– The orgasmic Herbal Essence Shampoo experience! Imaginary boyfriends like Donny Osmond! Affordable Concerts! Yardley Makeup!  Love’s Baby Soft Perfume!

When I’m feeling down, because of 70’s advertising, I feel that if I just switch my Shampoo it will be life-changing.

I’m missing all those products that were advertised back then. I was busted for shoplifting Shake-A-Puddings–remember those?– at Carload Supermarket in 1971 and pilfering pots of Yardley Glissy Blue Eyeshadow back in 1973. Thought I should confess (Tired of holding onto that Guilt).

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