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Schedule for the week of January 19th
This week we’re presenting Dragnet starring Jack Webb
and A Day In The Life of Dennis…

This Week on Mike Filey’s Toronto – January 24th & 25th

Toronto’s broadcast historian is Mike Filey, and twice every weekend he tells us about our city’s past.
This Saturday Mike…

This Week on Vintage Favourites – January 25th

This week on vintage favourites we’ll be looking at some Almanac spotlights on Buddy Holly’s first official recording session,…

Host an Episode of ‘The Leonard Show’!

To host The Leonard Show, you don’t have to be famous. Zoomer Radio is seeking out the next “Citizen Host” of The Leonard Show, our…

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The Conspiracy Show Podcast – January 18th

PART ONE – THE SEARL EFFECT Richard and guest host,  JOHN SEARL, and Follow The Truth…

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TOP TEN at TEN for MONDAY, JANUARY 26: Top Ten from This Week in 1961

10.  CORINNA, CORINNA – Ray Peterson 9.  RUBBER BALL – Bobby Vee 8.  CALENDAR GIRL –…

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Dave’s Corner Garage Podcast – January 17th

Tune into the latest episode of Dave’s Corner Garage with Dave Redinger and Alan Gelman. As usual…

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The Garden Show Podcast – January 17th

Tune into the latest episode of The Garden Show with Charlie Dobbin and “sous chef of the…

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Pet of The Week: Wiwa

Purring machine Wiwa is a lovely gentleman who will become your closest friend, once he gets to…

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FRIDAY, JANUARY 23: Top Ten Neil Diamond songs (it’s his 74th birthday tomorrow!)


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Latest News
  • 6:17pm

    The U.N. political chief says deadly rocket attacks on the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol this weekend that “knowingly targeted civilians” violated international humanitarian law – and could amount to war crimes. Jeffrey Feltman told an emergency meeting of the … read more

  • 5:19pm

    British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is a tad more than a little embarrassed – after he referred to non-white actors as “coloured.” The actor used the word on the P-B-S talk show “Tavis Smiley” last week – while he was discussing … read more

  • 4:24pm

    Another call to arms from the Islamic State terrorists. In an audio recording released today, a spokesperson for the group says any loyalist who has a chance to ”shed a drop of blood” should do so. He also praises the gunman … read more

  • 1:42pm

    Ontario is further supporting research designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, depression, Parkinson’s and autism. The $56-million dollar announcement is part of the government’s ongoing support to the Ontario Brain Institute. It’s part of … read more

On This Day
The Beach Boys

On January 22nd, 1966, The Beach Boys went into studio to record ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, which would be the opening track on their forthcoming album ‘Pet Sounds.’ In the documentary, Endless Harmony, Brian Wilson describes the song as “what children … read more

Zoomer Week

Zoomer Week in Review Podcast – September 21st

On This Edition of The Zoomer Week in Review: It’s something no one wants to think about. Becoming widowed brings a huge emotional upheaval but it can also create major financial complications – Libby will be joined by Kelly Willis, … read more


On Monday January 26th GFB: Micheal Zekulin, Ron Atkey, Mark Goliger & Marija Padjen

11:15 AM ET | Micheal Zekulin 12:05 PM ET | Ron Atkey 12:30 PM ET | Mark Goliger & Marija Padjen GUEST - Professor Michael Zekulin TOPIC – The House of Commons is back in session today. Prime Minister Harper is … read more

Zoomer Week in Review Podcast – September 14th

On This Edition of The Zoomer Week in Review: All across Toronto and beyond, people were shocked…

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Zoomer Week in Review Podcast – September 7th

On This Edition of The Zoomer Week in Review: Joni Mitchell is one of Canada’s most celebrated…

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On Thursday January 22nd GFB: Dr. David Goldbloom, Frances Jewell & Rev. Majed El Shafie

11:05 AM ET | Dr. David Goldbloom 11:15 AM ET | Frances Jewell 11:45 AM ET | Rev. Majed El…

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On Wednesday January 21 GFB: Pedro Antunes, Daniel Williams & Marcus Gee

11:05 AM ET | Pedro Antunes 11:30 AM ET | Daniel Williams 12:30 PM ET | Marcus Gee GUEST –…

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