Nov 01, 2017

By Jane Brown

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It’s a scene of devastation on Highway 400 between HHighighways 88 and 89, the result of a 14 vehicle crash in the northbound lanes which appears to have started when two fuel tanker trucks collided.

Social media posts of pictures and video show huge explosions and fire balls.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says it happened late Tuesday night, not long after a 3 vehicle collision took place in the northbound lanes north of the massive crash site.

“There were some lanes blocked but traffic was getting by. It does appear that this was a slowing of traffic and an end of cue type crash involving these vehicles and a transport truck may have been one that precipitated and went through and started this whole chain reaction,” Sgt. Schmidt explained.

Sergeant Schmidt says it was just last week OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes was warning truck drivers to drive more attentively, “specifically commercial vehicles that are smashing into slowing or stopped traffic. Inattentive driving is at it’s worst is what the commissioner was saying and I don’t want to speak out of turn right now, the investigation is still ongoing, but it does appear that something similar to that occurred in this situation.”

Sergeant Schmidt said just before 8am the death toll has yet to be confirmed but at least 2 people have died.

The closure on the 400 both ways between 88 and 89 is expected to last all day, although he says southbound lanes could reopen a bit sooner.

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