This Week on Vintage Favourites: December 27

Dec 21, 2020

By Gene Stevens

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The last ‘Vintage Favourites’ program of the year is always a ‘bittersweet moment’; another year has passed (and hasn’t 2020 been one helluva year). The ‘bitter‘ comes with a profound sense of loss for any music lover, realizing how much brilliance was extinguished when the candle of life went out for such artists as Kenny Rogers and Little Richard, Vera Lynn and Eddie Van Halen, Helen Reddy and Bill Withers … and so many others.
My last show of the year is our chance to savour one great song from each of over three dozen who once made us laugh and dance, love and cry, think and wonder. I hope you’ll join me for ‘In Memoriam 2020 this final Sunday of the year, when the entire period – from 1:00 to 4:30pm. – will be dedicated to those we lost in the past year.
I said ‘bittersweet‘, didn’t I – so what’s the ‘sweet‘ part?  Certainly many of the memories these songs evoke are sweet.  And so is the notion that in just a few days, we’ll say goodbye to 2020 with all its heartbreaks and disappointments, its frustrations and tragedies, its inconveniences and deprivations – goodbye and good riddance!  And we get to start a fresh new year, filled with hopes and optimism.  I wish you and yours all the very best in 2021.  Cheers!
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