#78 The Natural Treatment of Asthma, How to "Marie Kondo" Your Kitchen, Aging Mindfully and Cooking Must Haves, Should Wants and Don't Needs

May 03, 2019

By Valerie Massie

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Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on May 4, 2019 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss the natural treatment of asthma with Joel Thuna, how to “Marie Kondo” your kitchen with Carolyn Tanner Cohen, how to age mindfully with Tracey Soghrati and cooking must-haves, should-wants and don’t-needs with Naomi Bussin.

We specifically discuss:

The Natural Treatment of Asthma

  • What is asthma?
  • Is there a cure for asthma?
  • Who is affected by asthma?
  • What causes asthma?
  • The”Hygiene Hypothesis”
  • How do we control asthma?
  • Dealing with the symptoms of asthma
  • Common triggers of asthma attacks
  • Daily prevention of asthma
  • Reducing stress
  • Flare ups – anti-inflammatory supplements

How to ‘Marie Kondo’ your Kitchen

  • Who is Marie Kondo?
  • Sparking joy
  • Organizing and de-cluttering
  • Clearing the countertops
  • The refrigerator
  • The freezer
  • The pantry
  • The spice rack

Aging Mindfully

  • How do you perceive aging?
  • Stereotypes about aging
  • Mindfulness and focus on the breath
  • Mindfulness and acceptance
  • Keeping an open mind about new ideas
  • Mindfulness and attention, leading to learning new things
  • Practice tips

Cooking Must-Haves, Should-Wants and Don’t-Needs

  • Cooking Implement -must haves
  • Cooking Implement -should wants
  • Cooking Implement -don’t needs
  • Pantry -must haves
  • Pantry -should wants
  • Pantry -don’t needs
  • Cookbook -must haves
  • Cookbook -should wants
  • Cookbook -don’t needs

For more information about show sponsor Pure-Le Natural go here.

To read Joel’s article on Alzheimer’s Disease and sugar in Tonic Magazine go here.

To learn more about Carolyn Tanner Cohen clinic go here.

To learn more about Tracey Soghrati go here.

To read Naomi Bussin’s articles in Tonic Magazine go here.

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