#59 Cannabis Post October 17, Mindfulness and Coping With Family Gatherings, Lifelong Learning and Yoga and Social Media

Dec 22, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on December 22 and 23 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss cannabis post October 17 with Shekhar Parmar, mindfulness and coping with family with Tracey Soghrati, lifelong learning with Donna Dupuy and yoga and social media with Julie Watson.

We specifically discuss:

Cannabis Post October 17th

  • Shortages of cannabis supply
  • The licensing of new facilities
  • How has legalization impacted the medical cannabis market?
  • The “black market” space
  • Canada as a world leader in the cannabis sector
  • The USA as a competitor in the marketplace
  • Barriers to capitalization
  • American federal legislation
  • Europe, Australia and Asia as new markets
  • Production of Cannabis
  • Employment in the Cannabis sector
  • The branding of Cannabis
  • Educating physicians about Cannabis

Mindfulness and Coping With Family Over The Holidays

  • Family and feeling compelled to be together
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Reflection before getting into the social situation
  • Shutting down the dynamic
  • Avoiding the pattern of behaviour
  • Matching the energy
  • How do you change your reaction?
  • What if things go awry?

Lifelong Learning – The New Horizons Band

  • What is the New Horizons Band?
  • Who is the band for?
  • What musical experience is required?
  • How do you choose an instrument?
  • Do you need your own musical instrument?
  • What is the commitment?
  • Why do people join and stay with the band?
  • Learning music and maintaining cognitive function


Yoga and Social Media

  • The social media addiction
  • How has yoga been changed by social media?
  • Absorbing the information in bits
  • “The Highlight Reel”
  • Yoga has been normalized by social media
  • social media scaring people away from yoga
  • the commodification of yoga
  • narcissism
  • Has the spirit of yoga been subverted by social media?
  • getting through the veneer of social media


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