#58 Rent Control, Surviving the Holidays With Systems Not Willpower, Lifestyle Hints for Improving Mood and Diabetes and the Risk to Eye Health

Dec 12, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on December 15 and 16 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss rent control with Mitchell Abrahams, maintaining your health over the holidays with systems not willpower with Kathleen Trotter, lifestyle hints for improving your mood with Dr. Emily Lipinski and Diabetes and the Risk to your Eye Health with Dr. Varun Chaudhary and Anida Westlake.

We specifically discuss:

Rent Control

  • What is Rent Control?
  • Recent Liberal changes to rent controls in Ontario
  • Institutional investing in the rent control environment
  • The cost of building and maintaining an apartment
  • subsidies to build or rent affordable housing
  • changing land use to allow for affordable housing – loosening zoning regulation
  • condominiums vs. purpose built rental buildings
  • vacancy decontrol
  • How will continued growth impact the rental market?
  • The benefits of a new/modern rental unit
  • Freeing up rental supply
  • Income growth

Maintaining Your Health Over The Holidays

  • Positive habits over the holidays
  • Mindfully indulge in what you love
  • Set up systems for your future self
  • Look at menus ahead of time
  • Bring your food to a party
  • Avoid mindless eating
  • “The Mustard Rule”
  • Planning your indulgence

Lifestyle Hints for Improving Your Mood

  • What makes us sad?
  • Commit to making a change to your mood
  • Antidepressants
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Cannabis
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Diabetes and the Risk to Eye Health

  • What is the risk to vision for diabetics?
  • diabetic retinopathy (“DR”)
  • the retina and vision loss
  • collateral symptoms
  • treatments for DR
  • Can an eye exam act as a diagnosis of diabetes?
  • Are diabetic eye checks routine?
  • What’s it like to be diagnosed with DR?


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