On Tuesday March 4th GFB: Dr. Zach

Mar 03, 2014

By Valerie Massie

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12:15 PM ET | Dr. Zach

GUEST – Dr. Zach, GFB House Doctor, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine at McGill University

TOPIC – Urological health

INFO –When the urinary tract works well we barely give it a thought, even though it is constantly ridding our body of waste by removing them from the blood in the kidneys and excreting them as urine. But most people will experience a urinary problem as they age, and then we realize how much is going right normally. Urinary problems range from infections to stones to cancers. As women age it is common for them to experience incontinence, ie the involuntary loss of urine, whereas men more commonly suffer from difficulty in getting urine out. We will discuss the common urinary problems in men and women and what we can do to treat them and prevent them.

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