On Monday's GFB: Wanda Morris - October 29th

Oct 26, 2012

By Dale Goldhawk

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12:05pm ET | Wanda Morris, Dying With Dignity Executive Director

TOPIC – Dying With Dignity Announces Christopher Plummer and Moses Znaimer Will Become Lead Patrons

INFO – Dying With Dignity, the national member-based organization advocating for end-of-life options, has announced that legendary actor Christopher Plummer and Citytv/Bravo!/Space/MuchMusic etc. creator Moses Znaimer, now Founder/CEO of ZoomerMedia Limited and President of CARP – the national association for the 45plus, will be the Lead Patrons in their new Patron Program.

Dying With Dignity supports medically assisted dying only for those who meet strict eligibility guidelines. For example, to be eligible, individuals would have to be mentally competent adults who are not clinically depressed, who are grievously ill with an incurable condition (such as ALS or cancer) and their suffering would have to be unbearable to them.

This past June, Moses invited Wanda Morris, Dying WithDignity Executive Director, to speak at his 2012 ideacity conference in Toronto.

Coincidentally, the day after her ideacity Talk, the BC Supreme Court’s Justice Lynn Smith handed down her decision in the case of Carter v.Canada, 2012 BCSC 886, ruling that the Criminal Code provisions which prohibit assisted suicide in Canada were unconstitutional: “The risks inherent in permitting physician-assisted death can be identified and very substantially minimized through a carefully-designed system imposing stringent limits that are scrupulously monitored and enforced.”

“I was delighted that Dying With Dignity asked me to become a Patron. I absolutely support this cause and the organization. For a long time, I have believed that people should have choice at the end of life. Why would we force people to keep living against their wills. The time has come to change our laws,” said Plummer.

In his Zoomer Philosophy in the November 2012 issue of Zoomer magazine, Moses reveals his perspective on the right-to-die movement and CARP members’ startling 79 percent response in favour of the idea of physician-assisted suicide for those who are terminally ill or at the end of their lives.

“I believe that precisely because we come into this world without consent, we must have that last measure of control as to when to end it, reliably and painlessly, should we need to do so,” writes Moses in his Zoomer Philosophy.

The November 2012 issue of Zoomer magazine hits newsstands October 22nd.
“We thank Christopher and Moses for their courage and leadership in raising awareness for this sensitive issue. There is some suffering that only death can end. Terminally ill or grievously ill individuals who want assistance to die cannot legally have it. According to Statistics Canada, the three primary ways that desperate individuals endtheir lives of unending suffering are hanging, self-poisoning, firearms (men), and jumping off something high or in front of something fast (women). The reality is, it’s very hard for them to have a gentle death,” said Morris.

Dying With Dignity is a national, member-based, charitable organization and member of the world-federation of Right To Die Societies, 46 organizations from 26 countries to secure and promote the individual’s right to self-determination at the end of life. Its mission is to educate the public about improving their quality of dying, to expand end of life options, and ensure that adequate safeguards are in place.

Through its Client Support Program, Dying With Dignity provides support for individuals, including bedside support for those who wish to determine the nature and timing of dying.

End-of-Life Decisions Belong to the Individual” at the Health Care Leaders’
Debate at the Summit on Sustainable Health are.

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