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Oct 17, 2012

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:30am ET | John Gignac, Co-Chair, Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education
12:15pm ET | Doug Jones, Senior Vice President and Trustee, BDO

GUEST – John Gignac, Co-Chair, Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education, uncle of the late OPP Constable Laurie Hawkins

TOPIC – Status of CO Law

INFO – The Thanksgiving Carbon Monoxide scare at a Toronto church daycare could have had a different outcome. It’s a fact retired fire fighter John Gignac knows all too well. Almost four years after his niece OPP Constable Laurie Hawkins and her family died from carbon monoxide poisoning, Gignac is calling on the Ontario Government to pass Bill-20. This is the third version of a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Laurie’s local MPP, Ernie Hardeman (Oxford), which would make CO alarms mandatory for all Ontario residential buildings that have a fuel-burning device or attached garage. To make Bill-20 law, all that is needed is for the Liberal House Leader to call for a vote. As temperatures drop, carbon monoxide incidents increase. This is a timely topic to help arm your listeners with CO prevention advice, as well as helping send a message to Queen’s Park.

Visit endthesilence.ca for more information.


GUEST – Doug Jones, Senior Vice President and Trustee, BDO

TOPIC – Seniors Open Door To Kids & Increased Debt.

INFO – As the media covers stories of debt and austerity, there is a popular perception that those affected by current economic challenges are the young and middle aged. This perception is gravely incorrect, as “Canadians over the age of 65 now have the highest insolvency and bankruptcy rates for their age group and seniors are 17 times more likely to become insolvent in 2010 than they were 20 years ago.” (Source: Vanier Institute’s 13th annual “Current State of Canadian Family Finances: 2011—2012 Report”.)

The reason stems from a convergence of social, not just economic, factors. Statistics Canada reports “Grey divorce” is on the rise and only expected to rise further as the baby-boom fully enters retirement. A divorce at this stage in life can cause severe financial crises and has been identified in the media of late.

Likewise, today’s seniors are faced with an epidemic of adult children and grandchildren living with them and being their financial dependents, as job losses and divorce impact their children. This unprecedented social trend has many seniors taking out mortgages and lines of credits on previously debt-free homes and running up debt at a time of declining house prices and unstable economic indicators. Add to this that people are living longer and don’t have enough saved for those extra years and you have a profound story affecting one of the largest population demographics in the country.

At no time have BDO Canada’s licensed debt experts seen so many seniors needing their help. While most feel they need to go bankrupt, BDO is able to provide many other solutions to prevent bankruptcy and prevent the loss of a house or belongings. BDO has been providing legitimate debt relief solutions since 1958.

Senior Vice President and Trustee Doug Jones will share his 18 years of knowledge and outline the challenges confronting the senior population and options available to them to take control of their financial problems.

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