Chris Robinson Travel News: New Transport Canada rules re: carry on luggage

Nov 30, 2017

By Chris Robinson

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New Transport Canada rules take effect this week which will allow airline passengers to carry small knives on flights – but bath salts and baby powder are now banned from carry-on luggage under the updated policies. Small knife blades measuring six centimetres or less, which is about the width of a credit card, will now be allowed. But knife blades of any length are still banned on flights to the United States through pre-clearance facilities, and razor blades and box cutters of any size remain prohibited at screening checkpoints.

Likely more relevant to average travellers is the new ban in carry-on baggage on specified powders and granular material in containers that measure more than 350 millilitres – that’s about the size of a beer can. These include bath salts, baby powder, sand, cooking powder, sea salt and foot powder. Items that will still be allowed on checked-in luggage include baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee. I guess there is good reason for these changes, but it’s tough for the average traveler to keep up with all the current prohibitions, so I suggest that you check with the Canadian Government website before you pack for your next trip. Go to for the latest list.

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