Scerina Ferron and Shannon Tebb
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This week on Finding Your Bliss, Celebrity Interviewer and Bliss Coach Judy Librach will be showing you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what she does when she’s not hosting this show!

Judy is an Adler-trained Life Coach who is known as The Bliss Coach, and she loves to help people get unstuck, gain clarity and get connected and reconnected to their passion and purpose. If you’re having trouble finding your purpose, or are feeling off-track in life, Judy will be sharing the tools to help you in a live Life Coaching session with Scerina Ferron from Charming Media!

Scerina is a girl with small-town values and big-city ambitions. Coming from a creative and entrepreneurial family, it was only a matter of time before she followed in their footsteps.

Growing up, Scerina was always surrounded by music and loved the entertainment and broadcasting industry. That love led her to go to school for Radio Broadcasting and to work on films and television. By 2012, when social media was on the rise, she hopped on that bandwagon and hasn’t looked back since!

Now, with years of combined experience in media, blogging and digital marketing under her belt, 2017 started the journey to business ownership. After leaving a toxic corporate environment, Scerina knew she could never return to that life. It was a spring solo trip to New York City which allowed her the time and introspection to figure out her new life path. By the Fall of 2019, the adventure into acquiring a boutique Public Relations agency had begun. And what an adventure it’s been! It’s been four years since officially taking over Charming Media in the Spring of 2020, and despite the challenges that came with business ownership throughout a global pandemic, everything just clicked. Scerina knew, without a doubt, that she had found her calling.

To connect with Scerina you can go to her website at:

You can also check out her Instagram at:

Also on the program, we have Shannon Tebb,  Boutique Matchmaker Wingwoman and Dating Expert, who is the founder of Shanny in the City!

Shannon is energetic, intuitive, and creative. She has lived and worked in downtown Toronto for the past 25 years and started her dating consulting business in 2010. In addition to matchmaking, she coaches divorcees and works with singles of all ages helping them achieve 100% “Date Ready” status.

With a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, Shannon originally wanted to work as a Sociologist. She then decided to shift her studies to the culture of dating. The advice that she has provided to singles over the past 13 years has always proved to be successful. Eventually, she started her own dating consulting business and soon became known as the “Headhunter for the Heart”.

Throughout her dating experiences and relationships, Shannon has found it easy to pinpoint what men fall in love with and became inspired to share this knowledge with other single women. She is passionate about helping single men and women gain confidence in attracting a great partner and becoming a real magnet. 

To connect with Shannon and her matchmaking business Shanny in the City, you can go to her website at:

You can also check out her Instagram at:

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