Elisa Romeo, Adam Foley, Rose Wolfe, Michael Oestermann & Skylar Feiner
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On this episode of Finding Your Bliss, we have a show devoted to love. This week on our Valentine’s Day show, Bliss expert and Life Coach Judy Librach is joined by Elisa Romeo, MFT, and Adam Foley, the authors of Holy Love: The Essential Guide to Soul-Fulfilling Relationships and co-hosts of the Holy & Human Podcast. Elisa is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an intuitive, and the author of Meet Your Soul. Adam is a certified somatic practitioner and yoga instructor who uses spiritual coaching, somatic healing, and his own intuitive abilities to connect people to their Soul. Together, they help individuals awaken and deepen their soulful nature within relationship. Visit them online at http://www.holyandhuman.com

Also on the program, a beautiful love story featuring a beautiful person Rose Wolfe, who is originally from Montreal, and she relocated to Israel in 1979, where she completed her university studies in Jerusalem, and jumpstarted her career in hi-tech marketing. With a colourful (and stress-filled) career of over 35 years working for various Israel-based global technology companies, today, Rose manages her own freelance writing & editing company. She got married the first time ‘round in 1984, had two beautiful children, a daughter, Avia, now 33 and married, and a son, Yaniv, now 30. In August of 2021, Rose became a first-time grandmother to an incredible baby boy named Noam. Rose and her first (but not her last!) husband were married for 23 years. Shortly after her divorce in 2006, she put her well-honed marketing and writing skills to work and signed up to JDate. After a decade (yes, a whole 10 years!) of JDate-ing, that included some romance, a bit of international travel, and too many one-time-only coffee dates, in May 2016, Rose saw Michael Oestermann’s profile on JDate. She pinged him, he pinged back, and they met for drinks the following evening. Instant attraction, the stars collided, and Rose met her “b’sheret” – the Yiddish word for soulmate. Rose and Michael were married in October 2018, at the very same venue where they had their first date.

Michael Oestermann was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and moved to Israel with his family when he was a child. He grew up in Jerusalem where he went to university, and later relocated to San Francisco to earn his MA in Industrial Design. Michael’s expertise in design, namely digital printing, brought him back to Israel, where this industry sector was just getting started. He held several management roles over the years, but 10 years ago, founded his own business, Jerusalem Artists’ Company, where he, and other Israeli designers create jewelry and decorative items for Christians and Jews around the world. In parallel, for the last 10 years, he has also been a licensed Israeli tour guide for English-speaking tourists from abroad. Michael was married for almost 20 years, and has a stunning daughter, Kerem, who is 27. As karma would have it, Michael and Rose were both married to Yemenites, native Israelis whose parents immigrated to Israel from Yemen in 1949, are both well-versed in Yemenite culture and food, and whose children, Avia, Yaniv and Kerem, ALL look alike – with the same striking features including their sparkling eyes, and smiles. Like Rose, Michael is a native English-speaker, and from their very first phone call, until today, they converse only in English. Rose has even taught Michael how to say a perfect Canadian “Eh.”

And finally singing us out of the show we have Skylar Feiner, a Toronto based singer who enjoys jamming with friends, performing for young children, and singing in a wedding band. She loves giving back to the community, singing for Jake’s Jam and raising money for charity through Unsung Heroes.

You can follow us @theblissminute on Instagram and Facebook. Or you can visit our online magazine at findingyourbliss.com and take one step closer to finding your bliss.

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