Free For All Friday - July 23 2021
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Whatever in the news has you talking, Libby is ready to take your calls.

Should COVID vaccines be mandatory for healthcare workers? This is among the questions this week that got the phones ringing at Fight Back. Premier Doug Ford has so far said no, but he’s also said he’s listening to the health expert and will take his guidance from them.

And in fact, this week, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario wrote to premier Ford and asked him to make COVID vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers. And the head of the RNAO, Dr. Doris Greenspun, told Libby that she is always reassured by Premier Ford who says he’s listening to her and taking her guidance.

There was another proposal for provincially issued vaccine passports or certificates this week, this time from members of Ontario’s Science Advisory Table. In fact, the scientific director of the table Dr Peter Juni told Libby this is the way to go so that we don’t get a mish mash of private businesses trying to issue vaccine passports.

And what about the U.S. border closed to Canadians for non essential travel now until at least August 21st? Is that messing with your plans, or are you waiting to head stateside anyway?

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