Sep 28, 2020

By Bob Komsic

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As September comes to a close the number of COVID cases continues climbing in Ontario.
Another 700 cases Monday – the most in one day since the pandemic hit back in late January.
The previous high was 640 in late April.
Most of the new cases are in four parts of the province with the vast majority (344) in Toronto, followed by Peel Region (104), Ottawa (89) and York Region (56).
”We should be concerned because we shouldn’t be here,” says epidemiologist Dr. Timothy Sly of Ryerson University.
He told Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back” with guest host Jane Brown, while we knew there’d be more cases once restrictions were eased, and we hoped things could be ”easily managed,” Dr. Sly says some have been more careless, bringing us to this point.
”We’re seeing the numbers higher than we would ever have hoped for.  If this goes on we might see a second wave that’s worse than the first,” he told Zoomer Radio.
”I hope that it isn’t but in many cases, in pandemics, it does work like that.”
He stresses face coverings are still ”the best bet” to contain the spread.
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