Aug 21, 2019

By Bob Komsic

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The Ford government’s revised sex-ed curriculum includes many elements of the document that was in place under the previous Wynne government, and which the Conservatives promised to overhaul when they took office.
Opposition education critic Marit Stiles claims the premier spent much time and money playing a ”political game” by scrapping the old curriculum only to basically bring it back.
“I think that Mr. Ford was pandering to particular folks who had supported his campaign, and in doing so, and this is what’s really critical, they rolled back a curriculum by 20 years.  So we had the whole lost year where some children, many children in this province will not have been able to talk about really important issues, like cyberbullying, consent, gender identity,” said Stiles.  
Sexual orientation will be mandatory in Grade 5, earlier than in the Liberals’ 2015 document, which had it in Grade 6.
Gender identity will be mandatory in Grade 8 as opposed to Grade 6.
Cyberbullying was previously mandatory in Grade 7 but now moves to Grade 4.
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