Jan 22, 2019

By Bob Komsic

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Some food for thought as Ottawa unveils the latest revision of Canada’s Food Guide – the first in 12 years.
What’s new:
–Recommends eating plenty of veggies and fruits, whole grains and protein foods
–Promotes choosing proteins that come from plants more often
–Says water should be drink of choice
–Provides tips on what to avoid or limit; processed, prepared foods, added sodium and sugar
What’s out:
–No more food groups or portion sizes
–Dairy no longer its own category; healthy dairy options now included with proteins and unsweetened drinks
–Daily intake of oils and fats no longer promoted and saturated fats discouraged
–No more promotion of juice or sweetened milk
Healthy eating lifestyle tips:
–Cook more often rather than buying meals
–Be mindful of eating habits
–Take time to eat rather than eating while working or doing other things
–Involve others in planning and preparing meals
–Eat with others
Carol Dombrow, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant to Heart and Stroke told Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back” with guest host Jane Brown, what she likes about it.
”You don’t have to worry about the number of servings and the size of the servings that you have.  What you’re looking at is a proportional plate.  So you want half your plate to be plenty of vegetables and fruit, you want a quarter to be (plant-based) protein foods, and you want a quarter to be whole grains.  It’s very simple.  It’s very visual and it’s very accessible.”
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