Nov 06, 2018

By Bob Komsic

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Some Americans have been waiting up to three hours to cast their ballots in the mid-term election.
(Leah Millis/Reuters)
Some of the bigger problems were in Georgia, where some people got tired of waiting and left without voting.
At one polling location in Atlanta, officials offered several explanations, including a problem with overloaded machines.
Donald Trump told supporters the election’s a referendum on his presidency.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says it’s about healthcare.
Former Republican party volunteer Katie Robinette told Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back”, that Democrats have done very well at staying on message, while there’s a lot of grumbling in the background among Republicans, who want Trump to talk about how well the economy is doing.
”PLEASE talk about the economy, the economy is our winning ticket here … but Trump has been talking about immigration … it’s a federal issue, it doesn’t resonate locally in a lot of places,” Robinette told AM 740.
”Democrats Abroad” Ed Ungar told the show that ”lots of people, who haven’t voted before, especially in a mid-term election, are voting, and we think they’re voting for us.”
The first polls close at 6pm ET, with most polls closing three hours later.
Alaska finishes p at 1am.
While it may be known within hours, which party has won control of the Senate and House, the breakdown of votes could take days or weeks, given the number of seats in play, mail-in ballots that need to be counted and potential recounts.
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