Oct 05, 2018

By Bob Komsic

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Saying there was no reasonable prospect of conviction, the prosecution has withdrawn a minor weapon charge against infamous killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo.
His lawyer has suggested the ”shank” — a five-centimetre deck screw attached to a pen — was planted either by other inmates or guards.
Bernardo, now 54, watched the short proceedings via video link.
Convicted of the first-degree murders of teenagers Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, Bernardo was labelled a dangerous offender and not eligible for parole until he had served 25-years.
Despite the crimes, lawyer Fergus O’Connor said Bernardo was realistic about his prospects of gaining parole after his hearing October 17.
”He’s as horrified as you and I are at what he did.  The fact is he has over the 25 years experienced personal growth, he has at times seemed to blame others, burdened down by his own guilt,” said O’Connor outside court.
”I expect that he will take full responsibility, express remorse, and he appears to be sincere in that.”
O’Connor adds his client has been paying for his ”horrific” crimes and that the parole board will have to look at what has happened since Bernardo’s arrest in 1993.
”Their decision will be not how much he should suffer, but does he present a risk.  The rule of law must prevail.  The issue is not just desserts, the issue is risk.”
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