Nov 28, 2016

By Jane Brown

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U.S. President-elect Donald Trump says it’s “sad” that Hillary Clinton is joining an effort to force election-vote recounts in up to three states.

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is pushing for recounts in three key states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Stein wants to see if hacking affected election results earlier this month.

A lawyer for Trump’s democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, says his client’s team has found “no actionable evidence” of an altered outcome, but will support the recounts.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the problem lies with the electoral college system.

“We have one candidate who got 2-million votes more than the other candidate, but she is not going to be sworn in as president” Sanders explained, “The second thing that bothers me is that as everybody knows that during the campaign we have states, California, New York, and many others that are traditionally democratic. You have a whole lot of states that are traditionally republican. The needs and the people of those states are ignored during the political process and then what ends up happening is that campaigns are basically 16 or 17 battleground states in this country.”

Electors meet in their state capitals to cast their ballots for president on December 19th.

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