Nov 01, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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Ottawa says the current law protects people with mental illness.
Adam Maier-Clayton disagrees.
(Catrina Franzoi)
And if it’s not changed soon, the 27-year-old business school grad’s contemplating ending his own life.
Maier-Clayton has battled anxiety, mood disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder since he was a child.
The pain’s constant and worsens with any type of cognitive activity, including speaking and reading.
Doctors have not been able to figure out the physical cause of his pain and believe it has to be linked to his mental conditions.
He’s tried various drugs and experimental therapy but nothing’s helped.
Maier-Clayton keeps fighting for his cause through YouTube videos and social media.
Ellen Wiebe, a clinical professor at the University of B.C., has helped 33 end their lives and is the only doctor in Canada to oversee the death of a psychiatric case.
She says she doesn’t believe she could do it for someone so young.
Generally, Wiebe adds she’ll follow the law, but wants to see a provision in the legislation to include the mentally ill.
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