Mar 17, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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In a first for Ontario, a judge has granted exemption that willl permit a terminally-ill Toronto man to end his life with the help of a doctor.
doctor assisted death
Ontario Supreme Court Justice Paul Perell, who gave permission after a 30-minute hearing, became emotional, pausing several times as he read information detailing the man’s suffering.
The 81-year-old, identified only by his initials A. B., has said he’s in the advanced stages of aggressive lymphoma.
His lawyer Andrew Faith read his client’s statement in court and then later outside the courthouse.
Part of it reads, ”What is really most important is that it allows me in control of when and how my journey will end.  This is a right of human dignity and I am thankful that I no longer have to live under a cloud of stigma and shame … My wish is that our government will see fit to make permanent changes in the law so that no other family will have to do this ever again.  I believe firmly in the right to die with dignity and that it is a right that should be available to all Canadians to exercise according to their circumstances and beliefs.”
It’s the third case in Canada outside Quebec in which someone’s sought an exemption to Criminal Code provisions under a recent Supreme Court ruling.
Quebec has its own law regarding doctor-assisted death.
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