Feb 25, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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Measures introduced by the previous Harper government, that allow Ottawa to revoke the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism and other offences, are on the way out.
The Trudeau Liberals promised during the election campaign to revoke those rules.
During the campaign the Tories moved to take away the citizenship of Zakaria Amara of the so-called ”Toronto 18” group of men convicted of plotting to set off bombs.
Zakaria Amara
The matter’s still before the courts.
Once the new legislation passes, Amara’s citizenship will be restored.
Immigration Minister John McCallum says ”it is a question of principle.  We do not need an additional set of rules that would create two classes of citizen.”
John McCallum Refugees
He points out it will still be possible to revoke citizenship.
”We do have a criminal justice system.  We do have courts.  We do have prisons where those convicted of crimes are sent.  And that is the way in which we deal with this.”
The legislation reduces the time immigrants must spend in Canada before they can apply for citizenship and eases language requirements for new arrivals.
Currently, applicants must be in the country for four to six years before applying.
The new bill would reduced that to three to five years.
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