Jun 04, 2015

By Jane Brown

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It appears Toronto’s Mayor does not have a lock on Toronto City Council voting for his preferred option on the East Gardiner.

A published report says Mayor Tory’s staff members are going from councillor to councillor encouraging them to vote in favour of maintaining and rebuilding the east Gardiner, otherwise known as the hybrid option.

Councillor Gord Perks is a leading proponent of tearing down the Gardiner east of Jarvis and building an 8 lane boulevard. He calls it “quite a battlefield” on the second floor of city hall, with 45 council members and their staff trying to convince each other.  He says he doesn’t think either side has yet achieved a majority.

Mayor Tory told the New AM 740’s Goldhawk Fights Back on Monday, one thing’s for sure, a decision needs to be made.

“You can’t just leave it there for another number of years because you will then get into a situation, we’re not there yet, but I’m told by the officials, it’s why we can’t really start over again and say, look at tunneling because time is of the essence, in terms of making sure we can say to people, that whatever you’re travelling on is safe, and so I think that it’s necessary that we now make a decision after all these years of going back and forth, and I think that’s what will be done,” Tory told Goldhawk.

Backing John Tory in his bid for the hybrid option is the Toronto Board of Trade.  CEO Jan De Silva will be a guest on the New AM 740’s Goldhawk Fights Back after the 11am news.

Councillors are scheduled to make a decision on the fate of the East Gardiner next week.



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