Oct 10, 2014

By Scott Walker

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First Ari Goldkind was out. Then John Tory was out. Then Goldkind and Tory were back in. Now Doug Ford is out.

Organizers of tonight’s Inner City Union debate have been scrambling to figure out how to get as many candidates in the room as possible.

It all started when Ford demanded Goldkind be un-invited. Ford was angry earlier this week after Goldkind challenged him to apologize for anti-Semitic comments his brother had made while under the influence.

So organizers un-invited Goldkind. Goldkind’s response was, “If this is the way Mr. Ford acts before he may become mayor, imagine the nightmare this city will go through if he is elected.”

Then Tory said he wouldn’t be there if Goldkind was excluded. He said, “Doug Ford does not get to dictate the rules.”

So Goldkind was re-invited.

Now Ford won’t be there.

Olivia Chow was always going to be there. She says it’s time for candidates to “put their egos aside” and focus on the issues at hand.

Chow, Tory, and Ford will all be at the Zoomerplex this morning for a debate that begins at 11:00. You can hear it on AM 740 or watch it online at

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