Jun 18, 2014

By Jane Brown

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Dr. Oz thought he would be offering expert testimony about bogus medical supplements and get thin quick schemes when he showed up at a U.S. Senate panel hearing yesterday.  Instead, the popular TV doctor was put in a position to defend himself by Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.  “Dr. Oz, I will have some questions today about your role, intentional or not, in perpetuating these scams,” McCaskill explained, “When you feature a product on your show, which creates what has become known as the Oz effect, dramatically boosting sales and driving scam artists to pop up overnight using false and deceptive ads to sell questionable products.”

The senator went on to say that the scientific community is almost “monolithically against” him in terms of the efficacy of the products he calls “miracles”.  Dr. Oz responded by saying he advocates for eating less and moving more.  He also explained that he thoroughly researches tools to get people started on their weight loss journey.  “We use the alternative solutions commonly used in other countries … we feature cleanses and new diet programs by promising authors.  Many of these are controversial, the supplements that we research and profile.  I would rather have a conversation of this material on my stage than on back allies.”

Dr Oz testifies

Lawyers for the Harvard-educated Dr. Oz say he has never endorsed any type of health supplement.  But he has given a thumbs up on his show to certain natural products, including green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia, a small, pumpkinlike fruit.  In a statement after his testimony, Dr. Oz said he was pleased with the hearing because it tackled a complicated issue.


Dr. Oz is on the cover of the June 2014 Zoomer Magazine.

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