Apr 24, 2023

By Christine Ross

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An award-winning reporter, columnist, and radio and TV commentator, both in Canada and abroad has died at 73.



Longtime Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah is being remembered for his courageous defense of human rights.

As a guest speaker twice at Moses Znaimer’s IDEA CITY , Moses introduced Fatah as the “greatest man alive, with the courage to take on zealots of his own religion who kill.”

“As a Muslim, faith has put me in a place, where I have no escape because I am an Indian born in Pakistan, a Muslim born in the Punjabi culture, I’m a Marxist who has seen my own fellow travellers betray the calls of social justice an align themselves with the most horrendous fascists that you could ever meet,” Fatah told IDEA CITY in 2011.

As a staunch opponent of religious fanaticism in any form, Fatah faced death threats, arrests, and even imprisonment.

He came to Canada from Pakistan  in 1987.

Tarek Fatah died Monday morning from cancer at 73.

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