Feb 13, 2023

By Bob Komsic

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Emerging from the mayor’s office, Toronto budget chief councillor Gary Crawford said John Tory is staying on as mayor to ensure passage of this year’s budget, which goes before city council Wednesday; only days after Tory admitted to an affair with a former staff member.
”He is committed to ensuring that this budget gets passed.  If it means sticking around for a couple more weeks, I’m sure that’s something he will be doing,” adds Crawford.
New strong mayor legislation could mean it may take awhile to finalize the budget.
If most councillors vote to change it, the mayor would have up to 10-days to veto their proposals.
Council would then have up to 15 more days to override the veto by a two-thirds majority – after which the budget would be considered official.
A statement from the mayor’s office says ”further details on the transition will be announced following the budget meeting.” 
Meanwhile, allies of the mayor are hoping Tory can be convinced to stay to complete his four-year term.
Among them councillor Jon Burnside.
”He’s apologized, he’s taken responsibility, and he’s human,” Burnside says.
While he believes the relationship was ”a matter of public concern,” he does not think ”it rises to the level that he should resign.”
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