Sep 09, 2022

By Christine Ross

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Stories of the Queen’s sense of humour are emerging since her death.

Former Royal protection officer Richard Griffin recalls a time he was walking around the grounds of Balmoral Castle with the Queen, the summer home in Scotland where the Monarch died this week.

Griffin says two American hikers approached them, and it soon became apparent they didn’t recognize her Majesty.

They chatted her up and asked if she’d ever met the Queen.

“And they said to the Majesty, and where do you live and she replied I live in London but I’ve got a holiday home just the other side of these hills,” recalls Griffin. “And they said to her how often have you been coming up here, and she said I’ve been coming up here since I was little girl so over 80 years and the Americans said well if you’ve been coming up here for 80 years, you must have met the Queen, and as quick as a flash, she responded well I haven’t but Richard here meets her regularly.”

The hikers then asked the Queen to take a photo of them with Griffin.

Watch video here  of Richard retelling the story during the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this year.

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