Jul 22, 2022

By Steve Kee

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A new study shows Canadians have mixed feelings over a decision to return turbines to a Russian oil company.

A record-breaking summer heat wave has drawn attention away from what could be a grim and cold winter as Europe faces an ongoing energy crisis amid a reduction in natural gas supply from Russia.

And Canada’s role in the turmoil recently drew international notice, and condemnation from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after the Trudeau government granted a German request to return Nord Stream 1 turbines – recently repaired in Montreal – to a state-owned Russian oil company.

Returning the turbines means the flow of natural gas from that country can be increased. On one hand, Russia remains embroiled in a war it started with Ukraine. On the other, European nations dependent on Russian energy worry about the consequences of persistent diminished supply.

A new study from Angus Reid Institute finds no consensus among Canadians over whether their country’s decision was correct.

According to the new study, an equal number of Canadians say its federal government either made the right or wrong call.

For those supporting, they believe Canada did the right thing by assisting NATO allies by returning the turbines, which had been held due to ongoing sanctions.    For those opposed, they believe the decision only strengthens Russia in the war against Ukraine, as it sells its fuel to fund its efforts.

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