Mar 28, 2022

By Christine Ross

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Spring allergies are well underway for those affected this time of the year. And if it seems like allergy season is starting a little earlier each year, that’s because it is.

“The tree pollens are just starting to be released into the air and we’re seeing pollen counts going up over the last week or two.”

Allergist Doctor Harold Kim has seen results of a new study that warns climate change is making allergy season worse. Researchers have found that pollen season may start 40 days earlier by the end of the century with pollen counts climbing 250 percent. Discouraging news for the 20 percent of Canadians who suffer from seasonal allergies and the 10 percent who have asthma.

“Yes, we will see allergies become even a bigger issue than it is now but for the vast majority of people, we can control them and have most people with allergies lead a normal life.”

Allergy medicine ads seem to downplay the real health impact for sufferers.

“Yes, I would agree, allergies are minimized by many of us, even in healthcare but those of us who have allergies, it can certainly have a big impact and things like sleep quality, your energy and your attitude in terms of being irritable,” says Dr. Kim.

Some experience allergies in the spring, summer or fall but for it can also be a year round health concern.

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