Jul 08, 2020

By Christine Ross

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E bikes have been riding a wave of popularity, with sales shifting into high gear as many Zoomers look for a greener, fun way to bike for leisure or commute to work.

“We are probably seeing an increase of somewhere around 80 percent from what I’ve seen on the sales floor,” says Frank Cameron who works in sales at E bike dealer DayMak Inc. in North York.

“E bikes are an affordable way of getting around and is probably the most affordable short of walking.”

E-B bikes are like regular bikes but for challenging hills, or strong winds, a battery helps you peddle. Insurance and licence are not required but helmets are, and no speed above 32 kilometres per hour.


65-year-old Mike Mayo switched to an E bike due to knee issues.

“I’ve always been a cyclist and I wanted to continue cycling,” says Mayo. “I used to go out for three hours on my non E bike and I notice now that a three hours ride is a lot easier and more pleasurable.

Travel anywhere from 25 to 50 km on a full charge depending on how much you rely on the battery. They cost between $500 and $4,000.

“It’s actually a little bit safer than being on a regular bike because if you need to put on a real burst of speed to get out of a situation, you have that available to you,” explained Cameron.

Listen to my report here.

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