Mar 11, 2018

By Bob Sheppard

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We’re back to Daylight Saving Time, or at least most of the country is.

It became official at 2:00 Sunday morning when clocks went ahead one hour.

The custom of turning clocks ahead in spring and back an hour in fall goes back a hundred years to World War One.

Proponents believed that the extra daylight would save coal that could be be used for the military.

It also meant more daylight for farmers during the summer.

But some experts on the subject say the time change could hurt your health.

Studies are being done over the first two days of the changeover to Daylight Saving Time that will document the number of heart attacks and strokes as well as automobile accidents that may be linked to it.

Experts say their best advice is to cut back on the caffeine and alcohol during the the changeover period, and to go to bed early.

Standard time returns Sunday, November 4th.

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