Naz Marchese

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He's a bright, intelligent humorist – he's quiet, unassuming, thoughtful, and calculating. Naz is a logistics expert, and a successful entrepreneur! Does all this matter? It sure does! His timing is impeccable! His sports knowledge is clinical, fathomless, precise and undeniable. Naz is a veritable encyclopedia of sports stats, sports trivia, and sports history. He never ceases to amaze me, Everything from the make and model of, Maple-Leaf nondescript Dave Dunn's helmet, to the finishing move of wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino, Naz manages to store, organize, evaluate, and share, far too many facts for even the hard-core sports nut to imagine. Want to debate him? Come prepared.
"Let him finish, let him finish...then you'll see just how much sense his off-the-wall opinions really make." - Neil "The Seal" Durning
Naz's predictions seem to come out of the blue...they rarely conform to general opinions....and they have a sure-fire way of lighting up his studio partner, Walter Rigobon. Walter is absolutely vital to the free-flowing, opposites-attract, format of this show. You'll love him! Contact Naz at: [email protected]
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