This Week on From a Woman's Perspective: April 1st, 2023

Mar 31, 2023

By Marilyn Wetston

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Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight  “From a Woman’s Perspective” on Zoomer Radio each Saturday at 8am

This Saturday’s Theme: April Fools Day and the Benefits of Laughter

Learn ways to deal with Asthma naturally from Dr. Betty Rozendaal ND of Thornhill Naturopathic

get our Immunization reminder (shingrix,PVC20, tetanus and pertussis combo,HPV)  from Dr. Vivien Brown author of “The new Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging”,

Get health tips from Hearing Instrument specialist Edmond Ayvasyan of Hearing Aid Source

and Christine The Health Coach

Plus get tips and happy stories  from each of the team

So join Marilyn and her team and continue to be empowered by the experts to make informed decisions From a Woman’s Perspective exclusively on Zoomer Radio.


Learn about financial wellness from  Darren Farwell of the Farwell Group,

Leslie McCormick  of the Farwell group, author of “Bank on Yourself – Why every woman should plan to be financially single even if she’s not” gives us tips for retirement investing, Estate planning

Mosaic Home Care  will explain Person Centred Care

Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with a Smile, Moving tip:

Hearing Instrument specialist Edmond Ayvazyan of Hearing Aid Source Centres, Happy story:

Realtor Melanie Martyn , deal of the week for property north of Toronto,

Matchmaker Linda Miller of Misty River Introductions, Funny story that shows how honesty and being straight forward help in matchmaking.

Marilyn Wetston, Wardrobe Doctor: Happy story and  How to express your self with your wardrobe.

Jeweler Pamela Lauz  Creating beautiful jewelry and repurposing the gold and precious stones you have.

Accessibility expert Daniel Wiskin, ” Greater Toronto Accessibility” update

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