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Dec 21, 2022

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Coming up Saturday at 1pm on Finding Your Bliss in an Encore Presentation, Bliss Expert and Life Coach Judy Librach is joined by Paul “Rosey” Rosen, who is a three-time Paralympian, Gold Medalist, and arguably the greatest sledge hockey goalie in history. He is one of few athletes to ever medal in international summer and winter games. 

As well, he was presented with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 by the Prime Minister of Canada and Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor for his contributions outside of Canadian athletics. 

Paul Rosen’s childhood dream mirrored the fantasy of virtually every young child growing up in Canada: to play in the National Hockey League. “Rosey” was well on his way to making that dream a reality until 1975, when as a 15-year-old boy, Paul broke his leg in 14 places during a tournament. Paul’s leg was shattered, along with his hopes of playing professional hockey. Rosey’s leg was never the same again. For the next two decades, Paul endured twenty-eight surgeries to his leg. Then, in 1997, his leg gave out in a German airport coming home from coaching in an overseas tournament. 

Rosey’s leg was in such bad shape, he would need another 14 procedures in the 18 months that followed. To recap, that was 38 surgeries from 1975 until June 8th, 1999. 

On June 8th, 1999, a doctor delivered these four chilling words to Paul: “You’re going to die.” 

In a life-defining decision, Paul opted – without hesitation – to have his leg amputated above the knee on June 9th, 1999 – less than 24 hours after the doctor’s ultimatum. 

From then on, Paul Rosen’s perspective, mindset, and purpose would change forever. He chose to start the true meaning of his life immediately after having his leg amputated. After this operation, he learned how to play sledge hockey and became the best goalie in the world. Starting at age 40, Rosey played in three Paralympics and shut out the number one ranked Team Norway in the gold medal game of the 2006 Torino Paralympic Games.

Rosey even has five hockey world championships and a bronze medal in sitting volleyball, from the summer 2007 PanAm Games in Brazil. 

Since choosing life and having his leg amputated in 1999, Paul has given over 1100 motivational talks and has become a recognized “ability” advocate for the differently-abled. Paul regularly visits schools and mentors children – and their parents – in the hospital. 



On January 30th, 2019, on Bell Let’s Talk Day, Paul was sick. Sick of the pain and sick of the hurt. On January 30th, 2019, Paul Rosen tried to end his own life. On an especially dark winter night, Paralympic gold medal hero Paul “Rosey” Rosen said that he “was sick of being the greatest guy in the world to people and a piece of garbage to myself.” 

On January 30th, 2019, Paul wrote three goodbye letters, one to each of his children – and then took 35 OxyContin pills to end his pain. He admits, now, that he didn’t want to die. However, at that moment, he no longer wanted to live. Paul had lived with mental health, depression and concussion issues and had been addicted to painkillers for years.

With little memory of the event, Paul learned that he called 911 to save his own life. 

He also unlocked his own door and placed his health card and keys on his dresser. While he attempted to stop living, Paul Rosen did not really want to die. Paul woke up in the hospital and changed his life for the better when he asked for help. After asking for help, Paul spent 17 days in the mental health unit of the Toronto General Hospital. 

He is driven to share his story to help break the stigma around discussing suicide, depression and addiction. Paul is about to celebrate three years of sobriety and is determined to continue helping others. 

The events that led up to Paul’s decision are detailed in this candid biography, and the message remains one of ultimate hope and survival. 

“Never Give Up” is the meaning of Paul Rosen’s life. It is also the title of the book he wrote with famed sports author Roger Lajoie in 2021. 

Roger Lajoie helped Paul find his voice and share his story. Roger has been a sports writer, broadcaster and hockey executive for more than four decades. His previous books include “The Goal of My Life” with legendary Canadian hero Paul Henderson (a Globe and Mail bestseller) and “The Road to Hockeytown” with Jimmy Devellano. 

Now, Paul Rosen spends much of his life helping people break down stigmas around mental health, suicide prevention, depression and addiction. He is determined to share his message of hope, recovery and “Never Giving Up.” 

He can be reached directly anytime at: 


[email protected] 

Also on the program we have emerging 18-year-old pop singer-songwriter SAGE – the moniker of Sage Siegel – who has released her second single of 2021, “Finish Line,” which is available now on all streaming platforms via AWAL. The track will be included on her upcoming EP and follows up her 2021 debut release, “Homesick Feelin’.”

Growing up in Toronto, SAGE has been singing since before she could speak. Losing her father unexpectedly at the age of 3 and growing up with a younger brother with non-verbal autism, singing became a way for her to connect with her feelings and emote to music early on. 

Over the years, SAGE began sharing covers on YouTube and TikTok, in addition to writing original music. In 2021, she had a viral moment with her cover of “As The World Caves In” by Matt Maltese, amassing over 2M views and 575K likes. Since then, she has garnered a following of 68,000. 

Since beginning to write for her debut project this year, SAGE has collaborated with Paris Carney (Maggie Lindemann, Bea Miller), Drew Polovick (Friday Pilots Club, OSTON), Nigel Hemmye (Mothica, Caroline Kole), Theo and the Climb (REI AMI, WRENN), Sleeping Lion (Kira Kosarin), and Austin Wolfe (JORDY). She has received support from Popstar! Magazine, with a four-page artist feature in their April 2021 Digital Magazine, alongside coverage from Traklife, Cage Riot, The Music Enthusiast, and Channel Sounds.

Join us this Saturday at 1 PM on Finding Your Bliss. You can follow us @theblissminute on Instagram and Facebook. Or you can visit our online magazine at and take one step closer to finding your bliss.

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