Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Jojo

Aug 29, 2022

By Jordan Chakravarty

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You have probably have never met a turtle quite like Jojo before – she is truly one of a kind!

Jojo is a 13-year-old turtle who swims like an Olympian.

She could spend her whole day swimming laps around her pond – and don’t be fooled by that myth that turtles are slow, she is very speedy!

Jojo gets her energy from her favourite fruits and veggies – and is especially powered by strawberries. They’re her absolute favourite!

She loves to socialize and hang out with people while she swims around.

Jojo is curious and playful; she’s always interested in exploring what she sees and hears.

It would be ideal for Jojo to go to a home where she has someone who can interact with her daily, giving her lots of enrichment.



She enjoys pets and having her shell scratched; she is hoping to find a forever home that will spend lots of time showering her with love and attention.

If you’re looking for a spirited and sweet pet, Jojo is your girl! She would make a loving pet and great companion.

Please note, turtles are long lived animals that require daily care and attention. They can live up to 50+ years! It is crucial to have a dry dock in turtle enclosures to help with their natural and developmental needs.

1. Enclosure: 80-120-gallon aquarium per animal, depending on the sex. A large external filter, UV light to mimic the sun which
has an immediate effect on their natural behaviour, skin, and shell health.

2. Average lifespan: 50+ years

3. Out-of-cage enrichment: 30 mins – 1 hour

Think you’re the one? Begin our adoption process by copying and pasting the below link to complete our adoption questionnaire!



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