Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Mercedes

Jul 15, 2022

By Jordan Chakravarty

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For Mercedes, everyone is a friend-in-waiting. Give her a couple seconds, maybe a scratch on the head and a sneaky treat, and she’ll be inviting you to her next birthday party. The party’s theme is food. No wait, it’s scratches. Actually, no it’s definitely toys. Toys for sure. Better bring all three when you come, just to be safe.

Mercedes is the best of both worlds – sweet and curious while also strong and playful. Like a silly, mythical fairy (a rather large one), she will float about the house casting spells here and there with her curious nose. But just when you think you’ve figured her out, she’ll flip the switch and become a big barreling goofball who wants all the toys and to give all the kisses.



This beautiful girl will keep you and the family on your toes!

Mercedes is full of energy and is ready to join you on your next summer adventure. Hitting the trails? She’s your running buddy. Cottage weekend? She will show how to relax in style. This is a girl who just wants to be part of the fun and can’t wait to join you in whatever it is you’re doing.

What would all this sweetness be without a little sensitivity sprinkled on top? Strangers and sudden movement are not her favourite things in the world. Mercedes appreciates being given a little time to get to know her people before they start jumping up and down to say hello.

Mercedes can also be sensitive about her environment. High traffic areas with lots of hustle and bustle? Not her thing. Not the end of the world though, because Mercedes is very food motivated, so her focus can be directed back towards her people with a quick treat. She is super excited to work on her walking skills with you!

Like any one-year-old pup, Mercedes is still figuring things out. She was recently treated for roundworm and hasn’t had the opportunity to really interact with other dogs. But she has so far shown a lot of interest in them and gets excited whenever she sees them on her walks. With a slow and supervised introduction and lots of treats, Mercedes is sure to be besties with any other dogs in the home or neighborhood.



Mercedes is a big girl with lots of love to give. Her emergency is contagious. But if you have smaller children in the house, it will be best if she is supervised around them. She will love them as much as she loves you, but she also doesn’t know her own strength.

This girl is a riot. She LOVES to play with her toys, especially squeaky ones and will happily trot around showing off her prizes to her audience. Her people at Toronto Humane Society, from staff to volunteers, all use two words to describe Mercedes: gentle and sweet.

What Mercedes needs is a family who will commit to her success with consistency and a solid routine. She gets along with other dogs and cats, and would do best in a calm, more quiet home where she can focus on growing her confidence. This girl loves staying active, and she would love a more active-oriented family who will provide her with the outlets she needs. Oh, and toys. Toys-toys-toys for this special lady! (She insisted we include that line here.)

Overall, Mercedes is a smart, happy, affectionate puppy who can’t wait to meet you and tell you all about her toys.

Think you’re the one for her? Begin our adoption process by copying and pasting the below link to complete our adoption questionnaire!



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